We all love friendly return policies, right? Let’s be honest, pretty much anything can be returned or exchanged free of charge. Definitely customer-centric. Despite being convenient for consumers, this also results in an influx of customer returns. This opens up a world of possibilities for resale! Here we explain how liquidation merchandise can be purchased.  

How Do BDSTX Auctions Work?

Once large manufacturers decide to start liquidating to offload this returned or overstock inventory through our online platforms, we became the bridge between sellers and buyers. As a B2B platform that sells bulk quantities of customer returns and overstock merchandise, small business owners and upcoming resellers know they are getting inventory directly from the source.

In the event that large manufacturers decide to liquidate their returned or overstock inventory through our online platform, we become the bridge between sellers and buyers. Our B2B platform sells bulk quantities of overstock merchandise and customer returns directly to small businesses.

Transparency is our goal, so you don’t have to worry about middlemen liquidators cherry-picking the most profitable inventory for themselves. Bidders like you power our auction platforms that ensure the most competitive offers come from buyers. At the same time, you’ll still benefit from deeply discounted liquidated inventory. When you purchase, you make your profit. You’ve got yourself some nice margins if you can get it for a low price and sell it for a higher price.

To bid on our site, you must first register a free user account. The purpose of this is to ensure that only “real” customers participate in auctions. Following registration, you will be able to bid on auctions on the website.

How to Buy Pallets

You can buy liquidated items by the pallet or in bulk, which could be anywhere from 6-12 pallets in an LTL. Items are auctioned and sometimes a “buyout” option is available. The “buy now” option on some auctions allows you to purchase inventory without bidding.

Source Inventory From BDSTX 

With Boswell Data Systems TX, you can expect inventory from some of the largest manufacturers in the world granted, liquidation merchandise always comes with a risk. However, there is the possibility of hitting gold when purchasing pallets to resell!

Start bidding now on bulk lots of home and garden, appliances, lighting, home décor, and more!