Suppose you could reach your ideal customers based on their likes, interests, and behaviors. This tool optimizes your ad delivery to ensure your message reaches those who are most likely to convert.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers use Facebook advertising to reach their audiences, especially those who are just starting out and don’t have much advertising experience or a big budget. As long as you learn the basics, anyone can grow their business with Facebook ads.

Using this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up a Facebook ad campaign for your business and explore what makes Facebook such a popular advertising platform.

Facebook advertising: why should you use it?

You may find it difficult to decide where to spend your marketing budget with so many options available. A new or experienced business owner on Facebook is attracted to Facebook because of the following three factors:

Engaged and active users drive traffic

As much as we hate to admit it, Facebook is an addictive place where we connect with family and friends. Users on Facebook spend more time on the social network than on competing networks, according to reports. The Facebook advertising platform also enables Facebook advertisers to access other popular mobile apps, such as Messenger and Instagram. You can drive a lot of active, engaged traffic to your landing page with that kind of traffic.

Targeting customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviors

With Facebook, you are able to share personal updates and information, such as vacation photos, new songs that you’ve discovered, and relationship statuses. Through targeted ads, advertisers can tap into the likes and connections made on Facebook and Instagram. Users’ interests, traits, and behaviors can be matched against a long list of Facebook advertisers’ products and services, increasing their chances of reaching their ideal customers.

Generating brand awareness

For connecting with their fans and customers on social media, most businesses have a Facebook and/or Instagram business page. Your brand’s social pages can be used as a source for paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. One of the benefits of advertising on social platforms is that it can increase your brand’s exposure and gain new followers.

Types of Facebook ads

Facebook advertising success is determined by your goal and the type of Facebook ads you use. Nonetheless, because there are so many different types of ads, creating effective, high-performing ads can be challenging for beginners. The following are five Facebook ad formats you can use to overcome this hurdle: 


Single image ads dominate Facebook advertising. Easily created and offer a clean format to promote your brand, they are one of the most effective ad formats. An experiment on Facebook found that photo-only ads drove more unique traffic than other ad formats.

If you don’t have much of a budget or want to create an ad quickly, image ads will be most effective. An image ad can be made from a boosted post on your Facebook page, or you can create one via Facebook Ads Manager for more detailed targeting options.


Your brand or product can be showcased with video ads in the feed, capturing viewers’ attention. In Facebook Ads Manager, you can create video ads or boost posts with videos from your Facebook page. Advertisements appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. 

 Show off your brand’s unique features or tell the story of your brand using Facebook video ads. 15-second videos can help engage your audience and capture their attention. It is also important to have a clear call to action at the end, such as a purchase link or website link. 


The Carousel Ad format lets you include up to 10 images or videos in one ad, each with its own link. On mobile devices, users can swipe left or right, or on desktop clients, they can click the directional arrows to scroll through the carousel. 

Carousel ads can be used for:

  • Link to multiple landing pages for different products
  • Providing potential buyers with different perspectives on a product
  • Provide instructions or a tutorial on how to do something 
  • Create an immersive experience by presenting one large image across multiple frames

Step 1: Setting up your Facebook Business Manager

Facebook advertising efforts often fail because a person sets up their account incorrectly or is overwhelmed by the multitude of ad options that they never run a campaign in the first place.

The first step is to set up your Business Manager account correctly in order to get off to a good start.

You can find your Facebook ads account, business pages, and other tools under Business Manager on Facebook.

Go to and click Create Account to create your Facebook Business Manager account.

In order to register for Facebook, you will need to enter your business name, business page (you will have to create one first if you do not already have one), name, and email address.

Using an existing or new advertising account is the next step. Click More Tools and Ad Account Settings from the Business Manager menu, then choose Business Settings.

    An additional window will open where you can add existing ad accounts, request access to existing ad accounts, or create a new ad account. Creating a new ad account on Facebook is the first step if you have never advertised on Facebook before.

    If you have connected Business Manager to your Facebook ad account and business page, your home screen should look like this:

    Tips and recommendations for successful Facebook ads

    The following tips and recommendations will help you create ads that convert, reach more customers, and get better results.

    Get inspiration from the Facebook Ad Library.

    You don’t know where to begin when it comes to creativity? Are you interested in finding out what your competitors are doing? You can find a comprehensive collection of Facebook ads in the Facebook Ad Library. Using the brand name, you can see how they are promoting their products and their current ad campaigns. You can then use this information to create your own ads based on your findings.

    Be authentic.

    Your brand’s tone of voice should be considered. Do you think you’re funny? Are you witty? Are you corporate? Authentic ads will encourage people to interact with them and learn more about your brand, product, or service.

    Show images of people using your product.

    The photos and videos that people see on their feeds are of friends and family members. Using creativity that shows people benefiting from your product can get them interested in your advertisement. Carousel ads allow people to choose whether to see standalone product shots or videos of your product.

    To make better creative assets, choose your campaign objectives first.

    Determine your business’s most important metrics before creating your first campaign-whether it’s to increase sales or brand recognition. Your ad campaign elements must tie into your main objective in order to be successful, from creative to audience targeting to bid type.

    Combine ad types to create higher-impact ads.

    Your brand story can be told through videos, while your product benefits can be highlighted through images. Put more money into what’s working after experimenting with different ad formats.

    Show ads across channels.

    Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network no matter what your budget is. It is also possible to show ads based on the devices people prefer to use to target them based on their preferences. Be open to all platforms. Your ads will show up where your customers are most likely to spend time when you use the All Placements feature in your ad sets.

    Consider running click-to-Messenger ads.

    Are you aware that when someone clicks on a Facebook ad, a Messenger chat opens up with your business? Facebook ads can be run with Messenger placement and automated responses can be created to answer customer questions, streamline the buying process, and encourage conversions. 

    Start using Facebook ads to grow your business

    Due to Facebook’s easy-to-use advertising platform, bootstrapped entrepreneurs who don’t have digital marketing experience will find it even more appealing.

    Learning the basics of Facebook advertising, setting up your account correctly, and launching a campaign will help your business grow through Facebook ads.

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