Is ID required?

Cash payments do not require identification. We confirm your identity as the cardholder when you pay via credit or debit card.  

ID card
How much do tools/tool pallets cost?

We have many different tools, brands, and different sizes of tool pallets. We can put together a custom pallet of “Brand Only” tools, for example, a mixture of Milwaukee DeWalt, RYOBI, RIDGID tools. The price of the pallet is determined by how many of each items makeup up the pallet and the brand/type of tools. Generally speaking, our tools are about 30% off retail value.

pile of money
Is it possible for me to go to the warehouse?

You are welcomed to visit the us simply message us on Facebook or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment. So we can ensure a quality shopping experience for you.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards.

payment types
What types of tools do you have?

Milwaukee, DEWALT, RYOBI, and RIDGID are some of the brands we primarily carry. However, our inventory is constantly changing.

If an item doesn’t work or breaks, can it be returned?

No warranty is stated or given, except for not receiving a product, all items are sold “as is.”
There are no refunds offered by our “store” to you, “the customer” refunds are not available on any of our products.
Boswell Data Systems TX sells all products as-is, with the understanding of these conditions purchase of any of our products constitutes as an agreement to these terms.

no exchange or refunds
When I purchase more than one tool, do I get a discount?

You may qualify for discounts based on the format of your purchase.  

bulk discount