Resale is on the rise…it’s a full-scale revolution in the apparel industry! By 2023, ThredUp (the world’s largest online thrift and consignment store) expects the secondary market for apparel to reach $51 billion, doubling in five years. A staggering 49% of apparel demand comes from the secondary market! We can help you find liquidation apparel for your small business if you need it! We offer merchandise from nine of the top 10 U.S. apparel merchants. 

Liquidation Apparel Benefits for Business Buyers

As far as fashion categories are concerned, there has been a huge shift. The world of fashion has expanded beyond jeans, dresses, and pants. In addition to jumpsuits, rompers, denim, and high fashion, buyers can choose from a variety of choices including basic tees, jeans, skirts, and separates, contemporary styles like fast fashion and juniors, and traditional styles like suits. In many cases, manufacturers overstock their inventory because they buy too much ‘fashion’ and not enough core products. Fashion products have a short lifecycle, so manufacturers need to move them off the floor quickly. The inventory is current and trendy, which is great for buyers. 


Manufacturers are less price-restrictive now that there is a surplus of inventory. Furthermore, they are offering different lot sizes to buyers in order to move inventory. Budgets and storage capabilities can be adjusted accordingly, allowing buyers greater flexibility. 

Liquidation Apparel: What to Look for

Before purchasing liquidation apparel, consider these top considerations. 

Out of Season Inventory

Liquidation inventory is plentiful, but you may encounter out-of-season snags. When you’re looking for spring styles, there may still be winter coats and warm-weather clothes available. Flexibility and patience are required. 

Sizing Assortments

Also, keep in mind that you may not receive the entire range of sizes for each style. When purchasing liquidation apparel, you can expect a broken assortment and a limited size range. 

Liquidation Apparel Best Practices

It’s always important to maintain a good profit margin when reselling liquidation apparel on Poshmark, eBay, ThredUp, or anywhere else.

Recognition of brands

Brands are extremely valuable to shoppers! The presence of brand names is definitely more appealing to your customers even with liquidation apparel. You should advertise your brand-name products if you have them!

It is important to consider seasonality

Seasonal items are more likely to fetch a higher price than out-of-season items. Reselling out-of-season merchandise will lead to diminished sales and recovery for resellers.

Put pictures to work

Sales increase with more images! Models or mannequins showing clothing or brands do even better! You may mix stock images with actual images, but if any of the items are damaged, you should also show them. Honesty requires showing the good with the bad.  

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