The home and garden category is a great place to start if you’re just starting out on your reselling journey or are interested in branching out. Those who are into DIY or who are simply looking to improve their homes are in demand for home and garden products. By sourcing through, you can find quality home & garden inventory for reselling. Home and garden liquidated inventory is highly discounted and in high demand year-round. Summer and winter are likely to bring big spikes, but you can find building materials for home renovations, décor, small appliances, and tools year-round. When it comes to buying and reselling home goods and outdoor/garden equipment, we sat down with our in-house home & garden experts to get the best tips and best practices. It’s time to dive in!

    Home & Garden Inventory Returns: Why Do They Happen?

    It is common for perfectly good merchandise to be brought back to stores as a result of excess inventory at the end of the season. This is due to the latest trends in home décor. Liquidating inventory is less time-consuming for manufacturers than storing goods.

    Preventative measures/over-purchasing

    There are often leftover building materials from homes. Contractors and builders may be unable to store this inventory, so they may return it to merchants. There is also the possibility of overstocking inventory like generators and water heaters based on weather patterns, storm seasons, and region. Buying trends are affected by events such as snowstorms, hurricane season, tornadoes, and more, resulting in overstocks and customer returns.

    Non-functional reasons

    Once shoppers have purchased items, they may realize the pillows aren’t the right color, the pan is the wrong size, or the lightbulb they bought is the wrong color. There may be various reasons for returning these items, and they may still be in full working order, but they are no longer needed.

    Best Practices for Buying Liquidated Inventory

    You should keep in mind that this inventory has been liquidated-it is either a return, an overstock, or an excess piece of inventory. It is imperative to consider a few factors when purchasing liquidation! Founder & CEO of BDSTX, Enick Williams II, says, “Investing in liquidation merchandise can be like a treasure hunt.”

    Savvy with repairs

    Having a knack for repairing things will be very helpful with some items. In some cases, inventory on pallets will be non-functional, and therefore deeply discounted. Getting it working again will make a great return!

    Space for storing items

    Within this category, storage is essential. Unlike home improvement appliances, it’s more difficult to store. Oftentimes, you have bulkier and heavier items that take up more space. In this case, make sure you have adequate storage space if you aren’t planning on selling it right away or if you have a complete set of something.

    Selling Liquidation Home and Garden Inventory: Best Practices

    We’ve compiled some of the most helpful tips for reselling returned Home and Garden inventory, whether you’re a new buyer or an experienced small business.

    Make functionality explicit

    Your resale business will thrive if you have repeat buyers. Clear communication about the liquidated item’s functionality will make your customers happier. In order to avoid misleading someone into buying an item they think is perfect, be careful what you say about the condition of the item.

    Selling online vs physical store

    Online sales of larger items can be a bit challenging. Obviously, shipping a tub is more challenging than shipping a power drill, due to its size. You can sell small appliances and power tools online, as well as any smaller items for your home. A storefront is popular in this area because you have more space, offer a wider selection, and let customers find their own matches.

    Source home & garden inventory

    When it comes time to offer this inventory, determine when you can make the best return or recovery. When your home renovations and to-do lists are more evident late in the winter and spring, you’ll be just in time for summer activities and when more people are tackling their own home projects. Since plumbing, small appliances, and flooring aren’t particularly seasonal, their inventory tends to remain steady year-round. offers a wide variety of liquidation home and garden inventory to help drive your resale business. Take advantage of our liquidation pallets from some of the country’s largest manufacturers and merchants by registering today.