High-end secondhand goods have historically been stigmatized. There was no discussion of sustainability either. Everyone wants to be part of the sustainability movement as more consumers shop sustainably. BDSTX have created opportunities for apparel resellers to source bulk designer clothing lots online. 

We will discuss the following in this blog:

  • Usage of luxury items is on the rise
  • Selling designer clothes
  • Apparel flipping
  • What to look for when buying designer clothes
  • Analyzing trends

Selling designer clothes online: How to do it

There is a growing market for reselling designer clothes. What is the best way to sell designer clothes online?

Flipping is the first step

Start small while you learn more about your category. When it comes to haute couture and designer clothing, as well as contemporary apparel, you have to start small and research brands thoroughly. The retail arbitrage method is a very effective way to begin sourcing and flipping apparel items on your own. Buying clearance designer items at Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls is a great option, because they sell clearance designer items at affordable prices then resell them closer to their MSRP value you can also find bargains online, on eBay, on Facebook Marketplace, at second hand stores, flea markets, and at estate sales. 

Take quality photos

Stock photos aren’t always enough. If you want to photograph designer clothes in good lighting, you should take your time. You should be able to get the job done with a phone with a nice camera or a DSLR. Indicate any wear and tear and be specific about the condition. It’s important to specify whether it’s new with tags or used.

Providing accurate pricing

How much do others resell it for? When do new collections drop and do you consider seasonality? How trendy is it at the moment? What is the availability of the item? Did it have a limited release, or is it still available in stores? Make sure that you account for any fees you may have been charged by sellers on each marketplace, how much you paid for the item, and how much shipping will cost you. It is also important to consider designer brand names, seasonality, and condition here.

Monitoring trends

Be encouraged by the fact that what’s in today may be out tomorrow. Stores can give you an idea of what shoppers are interested in based on what’s selling now. Browse online and other resale sites in the same way. You know that sportswear and loose denim are hot ticket items right now if they flood resale markets. There will be more competition, but that can also be a good thing. As well as the opposite. You know that bold print long sleeve that has been on clearance for weeks hasn’t caught any shoppers’ attention if it hasn’t sold.

Visit BDSTX to browse Apparel Liquidation

There is no end in sight to the popularity of preloved designer clothing on resale sites. Liquidation apparel is an excellent way to source large quantities of designer clothes for sale online, at a great price. Shopping directly from the source eliminates authenticity worries and middleman markups, so you can find quality overstock, customer returns, and other liquidation inventory from your favorite manufacturers and merchants.

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