Texas residents can start a home-based business by purchasing liquidation merchandise to resell. With our guide, we show you how to generate income from home liquidation pallets. 

People are reporting more and more needs for supplementary income in tough economic times. More than 45% of working Americans report having a side hustle. Roughly 70 million people fall into that category. In Texas, the second most populous state in the US, there are more than 30 million residents, so 13,500,000 people make money outside their main job. We can examine the reasons why people create part-time businesses for a few minutes:


>>What motivates so many people to start a side hustle?<<


  • A greater sense of freedom for 38.7% of Americans
  • and 27.4% – More income to save, spend, and invest
  • 11.7% – Additional income to make ends meet
  • 6.2% – Pay off debt sooner
  • 5.6% – An outlet for creativity
  • 4.6% – “I felt like it was my calling.”


In this article, we discuss how liquidation pallets in Texas can benefit you if you’re considering starting a resale business

Liquidation pallets: why buy them?

The process of reselling involves purchasing merchandise for the purpose of selling it to an end user. As a side business or full-time business, reselling can be a great way to make money.

At the end of 2021, there were 32.5 million registered small businesses in the United States, representing a 2.5% annual growth rate and accounting for 99.9% of all registered businesses. 

The advantages of doing business in Texas: 

  • Texas does not impose corporate or individual income taxes or state property taxes.
  • There is a conducive regulatory environment for small businesses: the rules are clear and easy to follow.
  • As the largest metropolitan areas of the state (Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio) grow, the rest of the state’s economy is stimulated.
  • Texas is one of the nation’s largest transportation hubs. 93 percent of the country’s population can be reached in 48 hours and 37 percent in 24 hours with a truck starting in Dallas/Fort Worth.

There are many benefits to owning and operating this kind of business:

  • You can buy a pallet of inventory for as little as $1000; your profits can then be reinvested to grow your business.
  • If you have a spare room or garage in your home, you can start your resale business from there.
  • Your schedule can be completely flexible since you are your own boss.
  • You can keep your day job – Work on your business evenings and weekends until you can replace your income from your primary job with the income you earn from your business.

Here are some of the best platforms to use to sell out of your own home in Texas:


  • 5miles-The 5miles platform is particularly popular in large cities such as Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, and allows you to post classified ads according to your location. Using this tool, your products are advertised to users within five miles of you, enabling them to pick up your items in person. It is particularly popular in Texas, where four of the top 15 most popular cities are located.
  •  VarageSale – In its simplest form, VarageSale is like a digital garage sale. There are pages set up for neighborhoods in 32 Texas cities and towns on VarageSale.

  • OfferUp – Millions of people visit OfferUp each month. Over half a million buyers are registered with offerUP in Texas. The process of registering an account and listing products is very simple. Posting is free, but some transactions are subject to service fees. The cost of a listing is displayed when you create it. There are two paid options: Promote and Promote Plus, which will help boost the visibility of your listings.

Sourcing Liquidation Pallets in Texas with BDSTX:

With BDSTX Wholesale Auction, you can purchase inventory directly from national manufacturers without middlemen or broker markups. The price on the listing is all you pay, plus shipping costs if the lot is eligible. Our checkout page allows you to schedule a pickup time and date after winning a lot so you can pick up your merchandise in person at our liquidation warehouse in Cedar Park, Texas.