Budget-conscious shoppers flock to flea markets to score a deal on items of all kinds. When reselling online doesn’t work for you, you might consider selling at flea markets to take your business to the next level. Flea markets are one of the most established selling channels in the country right now, with hundreds, if not thousands, located throughout the country. During spring, flea markets are a great place to sell because the weather is warming and consumers are ready to go shopping outdoors once more. You may not have to do this if you live in a climate that is consistently warm or has access to indoor flea markets.

Flea Market Misconceptions

Do not think that flea markets are all about used or vintage items. Even though they are still prevalent in many areas, this channel has evolved over the years. It has become a great place to resell clothing, furniture, home décor, books, and baked goods. A fleaSeveral resellers and products can be found at a flea market, which gives your section a chance to stand out.

Engage potential customers

The cordial conversation is the best, as they approach or explore your section. Inform them of any specials you are currently running, ask how they are doing, or compliment them. Make your customers feel welcome and encourage them to ask you questions instead of being pushy.

Assess Booth Costs 

Before committing to a flea market, visit a few in advance to find the market with the most foot traffic. You need to get a return on investment when you invest time and money in a single market. When making your decision, consider your booth location, booth costs, distance and time from your home, other vendors’ products, and foot traffic at each flea market.

Accept Electronic Payments

Since most flea market shoppers carry cash for their purchases, make sure to have lots of smaller bills on hand to make change. Accept electronic payments to reach more buyers. This is especially pertinent if you sell higher priced products (i.e. furniture, antiques). You can easily set up an electronic payment system at your local electronics store or online by creating an account and purchasing the card swipe. It keeps track of all the merchandise sold and processes point-of-sale transactions, so our Buyers have said SquareUp is the best service for their business.

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