You have never had a better opportunity to eliminate the middleman and buy directly from the source if you typically buy inventory from a third party liquidator (or are considering it).Here are some benefits to consider:

There is no markup on prices

Liquidators make money by buying low and selling high. The result can be substantial price markups before you even receive the inventory. Directly buying from the source means that you are buying from someone who simply wants to move inventory as fast as possible and at the fair market price. A competitive and transparent auction platform means that you’ll never overpay when you purchase directly from the source on B2B online liquidation platforms.

No product poaching

Liquidators often comb through the inventory they purchase directly from manufacturers, pull out the best products for themselves, and then sell the rest to you. As a result, liquidators capture margins that would otherwise go to you by selling those products at retail. You can access bulk quantities of merchandise that aren’t pilfered by bypassing the middleman, regardless of condition, including new. Additionally, you will be able to capture margins that are currently unavailable to you.

Enjoy a direct relationship

In order for small and midsize businesses to establish a direct relationship, they must cut out the middleman. 

Transparent negotiation (via an BDSTX online auction platforms)

The process of sourcing product from a traditional liquidator can often involve hours of back and forth negotiation without seeing competing offers. BDSTX online B2B liquidation platforms enable all buyers to compete on a level playing field and transparent platform by purchasing directly from the source.