Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell your liquidation merchandise online. It allows you to sell locally, so your customers can come to you – and best of all, if you opt not to use certain features, you’ll have no fees associated with your listings or sales. Here are some details on how Facebook Marketplace works, how to post listings, and what other tools are available.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s free classified ad service that allows sellers to list their products. Each listing includes photos and a description, and it is tagged with a specific location. A very large number of potential customers can be reached through Facebook Marketplace.

Local pick-ups are the focus of Facebook Marketplace. The shipment sales feature is a new one that requires a selling fee (see below). The sales must be listed through Facebook’s Commerce Manager.

You can advertise on this platform to local customers, allowing you to test the local market and see what sells with little risk.


The numbers on Facebook Marketplace

  • Over 2.91 billion people use Facebook and Facebook Marketplace every month. This is about 35% of the global population.
  • Six percent of survey respondents reported buying products on Facebook Marketplace in 2019. By 2020, that number doubled to 12%.
  • The most popular items on Facebook Marketplace are furniture, kids’ toys, vehicles, and tools.

    Facebook: What Sells Best?

    Using Facebook Marketplace for pick-up-only sales, targeting only your local area, is an excellent idea. Due to this, it is ideally suited to listing items such as:

    • Items such as game consoles, television sets, and sofas, are in high demand.
    • Things like paperback books, baby clothes, and old DVDs that are not worth shipping costs.
    • Items that are bulky or breakable, such as large pieces of furniture.
    • Facebook is a very active place for parents’ groups to exchange products for their children.

    There are a few items on Facebook Marketplace that are less popular:

    • A rare and expensive item, such as art, designer clothing, or spare parts for an expensive car.
    • Size differences make clothing for adults difficult.

    What are the benefits of selling liquidation merchandise on Facebook Marketplace?

    As long as you are clear about what you are listing, you can sell pretty much anything on Facebook Marketplace.

    Local pick-up does not require you to pay fees. By doing this, shipping costs can be reduced. You can choose a location and radius between 1 and 500 miles. Traveling and shipping distance should be considered. You don’t need to worry about onward shipping costs if you do local meetups.

    Having Facebook Messenger installed makes it easy to communicate with prospective buyers, and you can even share photos and answer questions immediately.

    These online listings increase foot traffic to your store if you sell liquidation merchandise in a commercial space, and your linked Facebook page gives your store a more friendly image.

    Many Facebook Marketplace customers are in search of discounted goods (because many sellers sell their used goods on the platform) – this is an excellent opportunity to advertise your liquidation merchandise for free to your local community. Register today to get exclusive access to high quality liquidation merchandise.