Innovation thrives in the entrepreneurial environment. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to do creative work in a way that isn’t readily apparent when working for larger companies. A risk taker, an entrepreneur is someone who aims high. 

How does entrepreneurship relate to reselling?

It takes more patience and attention to run a resale business. In order to succeed in this business, you have to be more committed than in other businesses. Like every business, a reseller needs a website to run their business. Using free website platforms such as Wix, you can not only create your website, but also manage your website as a reseller.

What is a reseller?

Resellers are companies or individuals (merchants) who purchase goods or services for the purpose of selling them rather than using them. Buying products from manufacturers or suppliers and reselling them to customers is the basic idea behind a reseller business.

How do resellers, distributors, and retailers differ?

  • The role of a reseller is to act as a bridge between manufacturers and end users.
  • Distributors bridge the gap between manufacturers and retailers.
  • Retailers connect distributors with end users.

The resale ecosystem comprises product categories, marketplaces, transactions, and buyers. What drives prices? What are some of the ways product categories serve as a destination for buyers and sellers. With our marketplace platforms, you can purchase returned, excess, or liquidation inventory from a wide range of vetted manufacturers and big box retailers. Wanna learn more? Check out our helpful Seller’s Blog.