Things to consider in your business’s operation:

  • Put an emphasis on net recovery. Unless you can demonstrate that the additional expense will drive additional recovery over the costs involved, do not invest in your business’s operations (such as repackaging, refurbishing, etc.). Analysis of your recovery data can show you whether it is better to sell your product right away.
  • Implement a well-planned liquidation strategy and integrate it into your company’s inventory management or E&O processes. Risk inventory will be moved quickly using a minimal number of touches (hopefully just once).
  • Be sure your company’s operational process can handle all BDSTX transactions with the least impact on the organization when you are liquidating volumes. To make selling to thousands as easy as selling to one buyer, consider making it as simple as possible. It’s imperative to keep in mind that every dollar you recover or reduce the cost of your recommence activities means a dollar added to your bottom line. Your company can make $50K more in profit if you improve your return volume by 5 percent on a modest $1M return volume. For more tips Check out our helpful Seller’s Blog