Launched in 2006, Fulfillment by Amazon has revolutionized the way small businesses and third-party sellers do business. Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program allows resellers to ship and store items in Amazon’s warehouses. Making sales with Amazon is hassle-free because Amazon will handle all storage and shipping operations. There are, of course, fees associated with this program. If you’re selling products for a profit, you will want to make sure you can still cover your FBA costs. A key component of that equation is buying great inventory at a good price.

The benefits of Amazon Fulfillment (FBA)

  • Managing Amazon FBA orders
  • FBA services
  • Limitations on products
  • Inventory storage
  • What’s the cost? 

By reading this article we encourage you to start using Amazon FBA to source inventory for your reselling business and sell it with confidence and ease!

The advantages of Amazon FBA

You can take advantage of Amazon’s global fulfillment network if you have a small or large resale business. With FBA you can get your product to your customers regardless of whether they’re in the US, the UK, or anywhere else in the world.

Why is Amazon FBA a good choice for resellers?

  • No worries about storage space
  • Amazon takes care of shipping and returns
  • as well as customer service
  • with no hassles

 Growing your business with FBA is effective. It is much easier to focus on other important things when you aren’t stressing about fluctuating shipping costs and fulfillment logistics! Taking care of your client base and sourcing inventory are both much easier.

FBA Services

Businesses of all sizes can use Amazon Fulfillment Services. Whether you are small or large, Amazon has you covered, no matter what size your business is. FBA is a perfect option for businesses who want to expand without the hassle.
Listed below are the different services offered by FBA:

  • FBA Small and Light: you can enjoy lower fulfillment costs for products weighing 12 ounces or less (think small and large envelopes). Depending on the country in which you’re located, fulfillment costs per unit will vary.
  • FBA Subscribe & Save: You can save on repeat business by subscribing to FBA Subscribe & Save, which delivers eligible FBA products regularly-at a discount!
  • FBA Pan-EU: Thinking about expanding internationally? Amazon’s FBA fast delivery can help you reach customers in countries like the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy that are Prime-eligible.
  • FBA Export: Export your products to over 150 countries without worrying about extra costs or hassle. When you set your products as export-eligible on FBA, you will be able to sell them to international customers.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Order fulfillment through multiple channels, such as through your own website or through other channels.

 Calculator for Fulfillment by Amazon revenue 

You can estimate and preview your inventory fees using Amazon’s handy FBA revenue calculator. Amazon charges per unit, including shipping costs. Free shipping is offered to your customers when they qualify for Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping. Be aware, however, that there might be other fees associated with Selling on Amazon. Here’s a look at the revenue calculator! Simply enter the UPC or product name, select the category, and estimate the size and weight of the package.

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