Where did we come from? Well, everything started in 2020 when we launched our company’s first eBay store. As the CEO I spent most of my time sourcing E-waste inventory for the store. It’s critical for upcoming business owners to keep track of all sales so that you’re able to cover all expenses paying rent, and all other operating costs. The inventory we mainly sourced were routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, and all other telecommunication. equipment related to WANs. My daily work involved finding local businesses that were downsizing and updating their technology, then negotiating with owners to purchase all the old equipment they no longer needed, then dismantling it and selling the functioning components on our eBay store. As the founder of the company, I spent a great deal of time learning about reselling waste, bulk liquidation (i.e. truckloads and pallets) of excess, overstock and returned inventory from other successful company owners. Within the first 20-30 of these conversations, I was blown away by the opportunities in this ecosystem.

 As you can imagine, getting in touch with some of the largest manufacturers in the world was a long and tedious process. As I built out the framework of the business, adding customers, and increasing the dollar value of what our customers transacted in our store. We quickly moved away from selling on one platform, “eBay” and incorporated the brand into our own business. It soon became apparent that what I was doing was very powerful. We totally changed how we operate, what we sell, and who we sell to within a couple months. Through our new online auction platforms, we are committed to developing and expanding upcoming resellers, SBOs, and B2B buyers. Check out our helpful Seller’s Blog for more helpful tips.