A business owner must carefully choose the source of inventory he or she will use. If you don’t have any guidance, weighing the pros and cons of clearance stock and wholesale options can be difficult. In this article, we’ll explain the differences and benefits of wholesale and clearance stock.

Clearance stock

Essentially, clearance stock is surplus goods that are being transferred from one owner to another. Stock clearances are typically conducted to make way for new inventory in a company. Ownership of inventory that doesn’t sell or is returned has more value than space. In order to recoup some of their losses, retailers sell clearance stock at auction to the highest bidder.

For-profit, resellers buy clearance stock at fractions of retail recommended prices (RRPs). It is possible to manifest or unmanifest these goods when they are sold off in job lots. The RRP and quantity of items in a manifest can be seen by buyers if the job lots are manifested.


The wholesale business involves selling goods and merchandise to resellers and businesses. A wholesale price is usually fixed, but the amount of product can vary significantly. A wholesaler typically sells bulk quantities of goods with the intention that the purchaser will resell them. Another thing to note is that true wholesaling is generally not available to the average consumer.

As a result of their direct relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers often get access to bankrupt and excess inventory before other small traders do. This typically results in them cherry-picking the most desirable inventory and adding a markup. In other words, sole traders and resellers will not get the most favorable deal.

The benefits of buying clearance stock

Customer-loved merchants constantly offload clearance items, excess stock, and customer returns. There is no doubt that mobile and electronic devices are equally popular in primary markets. When primary store inventory sells out, resale inventory becomes available. Shopping for like-new or used merchandise is likely to become more popular among shoppers looking to save.

More diverse inventory

By purchasing clearance stock, you will be able to obtain a greater variety of products. As an example, you could get seasonal clearance stock in women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel instead of 400 of the same jumper at wholesale. Consider offering your customers a variety of styles and sizes.

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